Wife accused of murder tells court of ‘accident’

“Oh wife, do believe me. I do love you very much.”

As Han Lim Chin lay with his head in his wife’s lap, bleeding after she wounded him with a knife, he spoke to her adoringly, a court has been told.

Qian Liu, 35, described seeing Mr Chin carrying the knife in their Riverwood granny flat during an argument on January 3, 2016, before she grabbed it from his bum bag, and accidentally wounded him as she turned around to escape his bedroom.

The Sydney restaurateur stood in the NSW Supreme Court witness box on Monday, holding a blue biro in her clenched fist, and acted out that moment for the jury.

She said she didn’t realise she made contact until Mr Chin held two hands to his chest and said: “Oh, that hurts.”

As she prepared to take him to hospital, she saw that he was bleeding as his condition worsened, Ms Liu said.

“He said ‘I feel dizzy’, then boom, he just dropped.”

After she went to the main house to ask her cousin to call an ambulance, Ms Liu said she returned to her husband and cradled him as he declared his love.

“I said: ‘I believe that you love me, I love you very, very much too. If you love me you’ve got to hold on. The ambulance will come immediately. Just hold on,’ ” she said.

The Crown alleges Ms Liu murdered Mr Chin, amid tension over his gambling debts, and accusations that she was having an affair with her personal trainer, Xi Long.

She has pleaded not guilty.

Earlier that evening, Mr Chin had repeated accusations that Ms Liu was having an affair with Mr Long, which she denied.

Ms Liu said she asked her husband whether he wanted a divorce, or whether he could let go of his suspicions so their marriage could continue.

“He came up and he hugged me from behind and he said he wanted to make love,” Ms Liu told court.

“I said I’m very tired, like we just had such a fight, and also I didn’t sleep well the night before, I’m really not in the mood.”

She said she went to bed and flicked through her phone, discovering Mr Chin had sent her a WiiChat message threatening to send their “sex video” to someone.

Mr Chin then came in and demanded to see what she was doing on her phone, and kept banging on her bedroom door.

Then she said she saw Mr Chin with a knife, and grabbed it, asking him who he intended to kill.

“He answered: ‘How can I kill you? I love you so much. How can I kill myself? I’m that kind of person who really cannot tolerate pain.”

Ms Liu said it was only after the wounding that she realised a protective cover had fallen off the blade.

Under cross-examination from Brad Hughes, SC, Ms Liu agreed she contacted Mr Chin eight times that day about divorcing.

The trial continues before Justice Clifton Hoeben.

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