The top 7 places we love in Newcastle

Most would agree Newcastle is a great place to live.

There are so many places to love in Newcastle, the list could go on forever. But to kick-off a bit ofNewie appreciation, check out these seven places that make the city extra special.

WOW: A beautiful day at Nobbys. Picture: Fairfax Media

1. NobbysIt is probably one of the most photographed locations in Newcastle. With a pristine beach, break wall,lighthouse, water sports, rock pools, surfing and the occasional beached ship is it any wonder?

2. Bathers Way and the Anzac Memorial Bridge SUNSET: Anzac Walk. Picture: Fairfax Media

Stretching from Nobbys Headland to the wilderness of Glenrock Reserve, there is no better way to enjoy the Newcastle coastline than a walk along this trail. The inclusion of the Anzac Memorial Bridge not only provides spectacular panoramic views, but is a fitting tribute to the men and women who have served the country.

3. Fort Scratchley HILL: The cannon being fired at Fort Scratchley at the end of the Anzac Day ceremony. Picture: Max Mason-Hubers

Another location for great views, Fort Scratchley provides an incite into Newcastle’s past.Fort Scratchley, a former coastal defence installation, is now a museum.It was built in 1882 to defend the city against a possible Russian attack.

Its guns were not fired in anger untilJune 8, 1942, during the shelling of Newcastle by aJapanese submarine.

4. The Obelisk VIEWS: There are also great views from the Obelisk. Picture: Newcastle City Council

Did you know the Obelisk is one of the city’soldest navigational markers?

The first navigational marker on the site was built in 1820 and was theGovernment Flour Mill. But in 1847 the government decided to demolish the mill and it was replaced by theObeliskin 1850…also this location has great views.

5. King Edward Park ANOTHER VIEW: Families gathered for picnics in King Edward Park. Picture: Max Mason-Hubers

King Edward definitely had good taste when it came to parkland…

Actually the park was dedicated as a recreation reserve in 1863. What’s not to love about this green space? Ocean views, Norfolk Island pines and a sunken garden!

6. Bogey Hole SWIM: Mermaid Merella also known as Emily McAlpin enjoying the Bogey Hole in Newcastle. Picture: Simone De Peak

Tucked away on the coastline is an oldie but a goodie –the Bogey Hole. Cut into ocean rocks by convict labour in the 1800s, it is a great spot for a dip.

The Bogey Hole was constructed by order of Commandant Morisset in about 1820 for his own personal use, but these days we all get to use it…when it is open.

7. Newcastle MuseumThere is only one place in Newcastle you can hold the whole world in your hands andthat is Newcastle Museum. Fun for the kids, fun for the adults and a great showcase of our city.

AMAZING: Local student Irini Kassas at the Newcastle Museum, Honeysuckle.

Whatdo you love aboutNewcastle? We want to see photographs of your favourite places, people and the reasons you love Newcastle. They will be used in a online gallery to showcase the beautiful place we call home.

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