Ten reasons to explore Europe’s history by river


Europe’s long and colourful history is so closely tied to its waterways, so indelibly linked to its rivers, lakes and canals, that there really is no other way to explore the stories of this land than aboard a river cruise. You’ll feel like you’re living in the time of Europe’s great leaders as you float along world-famous waterways like the Rhine and the Danube, stopping in traditional port cities, moving through the continent in the same way as people have for centuries.

There are so many stories here, so much history to soak up – it’s time to hop on board. The rivers themselves are historic

There’s no need to look too far for history when you’re cruising Europe’s famed waterways – the rivers themselves are the sites of some of the continent’s most fabled episodes. The Rhine has been one of Europe’s most important transport routes since the time of the Romans. While the Danube, Europe’s longest river, was once the northernmost border of the Roman Empire, and was an important trade corridor during the Austro-Hungarian reign. Remnants of those civilisations can still be seen on the riverbanks today. Unique experiences

Aboard a Travelmarvel cruise, you’ll be able to experience the culture and history of Europe in unique ways with the company’s “Insider Experiences”. On the 15-day European Gems cruise, visit the World Heritage-listed Augustusburg Castle near Cologne, plus enjoy coffee and cake in a local’s home in Miltenberg. You can also pay a visit to the Naschmarkt, the luxurious food and produce market in Vienna. Utilise expert advice

You might think you know your Romans from your Franks, your Byzantines from your Visigoths, but the true glory of a trip through Europe’s waterways is learning how they all fit together, how they rose and fell, and where exactly these world-shaping events took place. That’s where you need an expert on hand, and that’s what you have on a Travelmarvel cruise: passionate, knowledgeable local guides who are keen to share the stories that shaped their world. Delve into unknown history

It’s only by travelling these ancient trade routes that you’ll discover parts of European history that you didn’t even know existed. For instance, visit the town of Durnstein to see where King Richard the Lionheart was held captive after attempting to return home, having been shipwrecked in the Adriatic while on a crusade. Or walk among Roman ruins in the German city of Regensburg, which avoided the bombings of World War II. Or wander through 2000 years of history in Cologne. There’s so much to discover. History on a plate

So much of Europe’s culture and history can these days be viewed through the prism of its cuisine. The food you eat is greatly reflective of the place in which you’re eating it. Aboard Travelmarvel’s premium river ships you’ll take a journey through the gastronomic history of the places you visit. Enjoy 41 meals provided, all of which are prepared with fresh ingredients and reflective of classic dishes in the local area. Time to discover on your own

Though there are plenty of experts onboard your floating Travelmarvel hotel who are more than happy to steer you through Europe’s history, there’s also time to discover on your own. In major centres such as Amsterdam, Cologne, Regensburg, Vienna and Budapest, space is set aside for you to wander the ancient streets, stopping for a coffee or a snack, and soaking up the history that lives on in these remarkable places. Track the great European rulers

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Journeying down the Rhine River, the Main River, and on to the Danube, there are certain names – some respected, others feared – that you’ll become familiar with hearing. There’s Charlemagne, King of the Franks, who built towns along the Danube. There’s the Hapsburgs, rulers of the great Austro-Hungarian Empire. There’s Julius Caesar, who famously built the first two bridges over the Rhine. There’s even Adolf Hitler, whose Nuremburg rallies took place near the Rhine-Main-Danube Canal. Take time to stretch your legs

While there’s ample room on board your river ship to stretch your legs – perhaps on the Sun Deck, or in the fitness centre – there’s also opportunity to work the kinks out on land. There’s time to explore on foot, or the ships also have bicycles on board, available for guests to get out and see the European countryside in style. One of the best places to do this is in Bavaria – grab a packed lunch from the ship and set out on a pedal-powered adventure. Travel in style

Though the sights along the Rhine and the Danube are steeped in history, it’s all modern-day decor aboard Travelmarvel’s premium river ships, the Diamond, Jewel and Sapphire. The premium staterooms are spacious and contemporary in design, while the ships also boast a range of top-notch facilities, including a lounge and bar, a dining room, a sun deck, and a beauty and hair salon. Make the most of an affordable premium journey

On top of the very reasonable prices for Travelmarvel’s 15-day European Gems cruise, travellers have another way to save: book early and you’ll fly free* from to Europe. That extra money could be used for souvenirs, concert tickets – or saving up for the next big adventure.

This article was produced in association with Travelmarvel. Discover Europe’s most famous waterways – from their rich history to vibrant port cities. Travelmarvel gives you the freedom to explore at your leisure.

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