Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation to return, on new network

The Shaun Micallef-hosted intergenerational game show Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation appears to be set for a television comeback five years after Ten sent it into what now appears to have been a premature retirement.

The TV Tonight website has reported that the show is being revived by ITV Studios , with a short run of six episodes set to begin filming in October.

The host with the most: Shaun Micallef looks set to return as host. Photo: ABC

That production company is headed by David Mott, who was director of programming at Ten when the show ran there over four season from 2009.

In a surprise twist, however, the rebooted show is reportedly slated for Nine rather than the network it used to call home.

No team captains or cast have yet been named, but it is believed Micallef will be back to host the new version of the show that helped make Charlie Pickering and Josh Thomas stars.

When contacted by Fairfax for a response to the report of a reboot, Micallef, Mott and Nine all declined to comment. In the a-nod’s-as-good-as-a-wink-to-a-blind-man realm of television rumours, we’ll take that as confirmation.

The cast of the original Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation: Charlie Pickering, Amanda Keller, Shaun Micallef and Josh Thomas. Photo: Ten

Former team captain Amanda Keller, who is under contract at Ten, told TV Tonight she had “heard he [Micallef] is doing it again”.

Tosh Greenslade, who appears regularly on Micallef’s ABC news comedy show Mad As Hell and was also in his sitcom The Ex-PM, appeared to confirm the news on Twitter, posting a link to the story with the line: “Oh good. I can stop pretending I don’t know about this now.”

Though the move to Nine is a little surprising, Mott has history with the network.

After resigning from Ten in August 2012 following a sustained ratings slump – departing with the words that in television “you live by the sword and you die by the sword” – Mott joined Nine in 2013 as managing director of its Perth operation. He left in September 2015 to take up the position at ITV .

The UK-owned production company has done business with all three commercial networks, producing The Voice for Nine, The Chase and Hell’s Kitchen for Seven and I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here for Ten.

It also produces Shaun Micallef’s Mad as Hell, which will return for an eighth season in 2018, for the ABC.

Last week, the company announced it had been commissioned to produce a new pop-culture game show, The Cram, for Ten, with Peter Helliar hosting.

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