Short Takes September 12 2017

WHEN will Malcolm Turnbull get the concept right? The problem is not what electricity plan you are on.The problem is aboutpricegougingby the resellers, According to recent media reports, the wholesalepriceof electricity has not increased in 10 years but the resalepricehas increased many hundred times fold. Added to itall, the resellers CEOs are being paid many millions of dollars in wages and bonuses.Itis not rocket science why our electricity cost so much. We are being ripped off.

SteveZdziarski,BarnsleyAT least some have cause to celebrate the re-election of Cr Nuatali Nelmes (“Nelmes stays at helm”, Herald 11/9) . NCC’s supplier of probioticwater just upped their forecast for the next fouryears.

Scott Hillard,New LambtonTO all the East Ender’s knocking the up coming V8 Supercar event. Get over it, it’s only for 1 weekend a year. Brrrmmm, brrrrmmm, brrrmmm.

Gary Graham,Raymond TerraceTHE proposal of The Delany Hotel on Darby Street extending it’s trading hours until 2am has been put forth, and Tony Brown (Letters 7/9) has addressed this issue by recommending that nearby residents campaign against this happening. Given Tony is suggesting that people who have chosen to live near a pub have the right to complain about the noise from the pub, I wonder if he would also suggest that people who have chosen to live near a train line have the right to complain about the noise from the trains.

Adz Carter,NewcastleREGARDING compulsory drug testing for people receiving social benefits,the opposition gets to me when you think of all the people such as police, ambos anddefence services whoface random compulsory drug and alcohol testing wherepositive results can mean dismissal.The government is trying to help these people by still giving them support but wanting to stop money being spent on other things, and we have these do-gooders opposing it. Shame on you.

Doug Buchanan,SwanseaI SUSPECTthat a lot of ns are just going to throw the plebiscite form in the rubbish bin because there are so few postal letterboxes left and the effort of finding one requires engagement. The only consolation I have is that that those of us who want an overwhelming yes vote in this farce will take the effort to walk to their local post office and, in many cases, do something they haven’t done for years:push an envelope through the slot.

Ann Ellis,MerewetherJEFF Corbett is way off the mark with his comments on East End residents.I actually lived in the East End for many years and found the community there to be intelligent, civic minded and enjoying the progress transformingof our beautiful city.The Supercars event will do nothing to enhance this lovely historic precinct. If you think the community is ‘precious ”Jeff …then perhaps you need to do a lot more research and become more informed rather than ‘shoot from the hip’ the way you do. How about something positive from you one day?

Bev O’Hara,Hamilton

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