Pizza Hut customers vent after tech glitch

Sunday night dinner did not go to plan for Pizza Hut customers, when a technical glitch on the chain’s new website and app left many overcharged and without the pizzas they ordered.

Customers took to social media to vent their frustration after being charged up to five times for a single order despite being met with error messages saying the order had not gone through.

“I just got charged five times … So instead of spending $40 on pizza I’ve spent over $200!” wrote Scott Jamie Brooks Denley on the Pizza Hut Facebook page.

Anna Cotter complained that she had been “charged 3 times for something I’m not sure we will receive .. young guy answering the phone … was no help what so ever .. Sort it out Pizza Hut !!!!”

Another customer, Joanne Briercliffe, wrote that she too had been charged three times “for pizza that I’m not even getting because the order for delivery won’t go through … Almost $150 gone and nothing to show for it.”

Pizza Hut customers also called out the chain for the way individual stores handled complaints, when they were contacted on Sunday evening about the error.

In a statement on Monday, Pizza Hut said its online ordering platform experienced some technical issues, causing “a bottleneck in the ordering system”.

“The technical issues have been resolved and we are in the process of personally contacting every customer affected, and refunding them in full (including the cost of their received orders).”

It is understood the issue originated in the credit card processing system, which failed to recognise and register orders.

Pizza Hut apologised for the error and said no customer data was at risk at any time.

Update: By 2pm on Monday all affected customers had been contacted and full refunds and voids had been issued.

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