Parents in national advertising campaign seeking Yes vote in marriage equality poll

LENDING A HAND: Nick and Frances Hansen are appearing in the national advertising campaign in support of marriage equality. Photo: JUDE KEOGH 0908jkequality2With marriage equality postal survey forms to begin arriving in letterboxes this week, one couple has a simple message.

Vote Yes.

Nick and Frances Hansen’s son Tim is gay.

The couple from Orange, NSW, who appear in a national advertising campaigning supporting marriage equality, haswitnessed firsthand the difficulties and dilemmas he has faced in accepting and adapting to his lifestyle and sexuality.

Mr Hansen said they had participated in a national advertising campaign calling for a Yes vote to supportall people having marriage equality to repair injustices.

“The Yes vote will change an unfair law,” he said.

Mr Hansen said 10 per cent of the population were denied the rights to marriage allowed to the other 90 per cent simply because of their sexuality.

“It’s an injustice we see for a minority group.

“Lots of minority groups don’t have the same rights.”

He said the postal survey, which does not bind the government to change the law, was not ideal but at least it was democratic.

“We would prefer if the government just voted on it,” he said.

“I personally think it is a good thing that the n people can have a say.

“Sexuality shouldn’t define anyone, I hope everyone votes Yes.”

Mrs Hansen said the denial of the right had serious consequences for affected people and the whole community.

“Our society would be a lot happier if people were allowed to marry,” she said.

“Across the board we would have a lot more people who would be happy.

“In the past they have not been allowed to be themselves.”

Last week the High Court ruled in favour of the postal vote going ahead.

Voting papers on marriage equality will be sent to all eligible voters, about 16 million people,from Tuesday.

The vote is not compulsory and it is up to you whether you vote.

You have until 6pm on November 7 to post your survey answer.

However, then Bureau of Statistics is encouraging people to return their forms by October 27.

The result is set to be announced on November 15.

If the Yes vote winsparliament is likely to vote on the issue before it rises for the year onDecember 7.

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