Panasonic unveils smart fridge that brings food when summoned

Japanese tech company Panasonic appears to be betting on us being lazier in the future, unveiling a conceptual ‘Movable Fridge’ that responds to voice commands and brings food when it is summoned.

The prototype uses similar sensor technology to robotic vacuum cleaners that scan the room to avoid crashing once they have left the docking station.

The company also reportedly plans to add a warming plate to the top of the fridge, to keep food hot as it’s transported around the home.

The movable fridge was one of a number of Panasonic’s “Better Living Tomorrow’ collection unveiled at this year’s Internationale Funkausstellung – one of the world’s largest trade fairs for electronics – in Berlin, Germany this week

According to a statement released by the company, the new suite of prototypes are centred on “technologies that make day-to-day life more convenient by connecting things within the house as well as with the outside world”.

The company plans to invest in technologies “that support a variety of aspects of our lives, making the time spent with family and friends more delightful”.

The company said the technology is intended for the elderly and those with limited mobility, but will of course appeal to people who simply don’t want to get up and go to the kitchen. Related: Smart home technology Darren Palmer is excited aboutRelated:What the smart homes of 2020 will haveRelated:The latest tech set to change apartment living

Another innovation displayed was a “Smart Sake Cooler” that keeps bottles chilled and is connected to a brewery database. The cooler scans the label of a bottle and then recommends food pairings.

Similarly, the company proposed an Artificial Intelligence kitchen adviser that suggests recipes based on advice provided by cooking research organisations and professional chefs that works in conjunction with other appliances.

Outside the kitchen the company also floated the concept of a “Sustainable Maintainer” – a washing machine that launders clothing items individually, scanning the label for washing instructions and examining how dirty it is.

After it washes and dries the load a robotic arm picks up each item, folds it and places it onto a shelf within the unit.

The products unveiled are still prototypes, with no announcements made about if or when they would be introduced to the market.

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