Lake Wendouree as you’ve never seen it before

RAINBOW: Ballarat Light Painters create a multicoloured rainbow of light on the end of a jetty in Lake Wendouree using a combination of LED lights and camera know-how to paint a picture. Pictures: Lindsay Brown You’ve never seen lights like this at Lake Wendouree and you never will –with your own eyes.

These stunning rainbow images are the result of LED lights, torches, sparklers, steel wool and other illuminations combined with long camera exposures and the creative flair of the Ballarat Light Painters.

PhotographersLindsay Brown and Racheal Strahan formed Ballarat Light Painters about 18 months ago and hold regular workshops at the lake with their latest light creations.

Lake Wendouree as you’ve never seen it before TweetFacebook Ballarat Light Painters“It’s the art of capturing a creative image with the use of a light source and a very long exposure in camera,” Mr Brown said.

Before each workshop Mr Brown develops a new light tool but he’s never entirely sure what image will result until it’s tested by the lake.

“Alot of the time I don’t know the full extent of the effect until I run one of these nights,” he said.

For the next Ballarat Light Paintersworkshop on September 16he’s working on a spirograph-type effect, while other light creations will be less mechanical, the resultof him running about on the jetty with hand-held light sources.

The pair were introduced to light painting while studying photography and now help photographers of all abilities capture the other-worldly images.

“It doesn’t matter how experienced you are as a photographer, we run through how to set up the camera, all the settings involved and we make sure they all get a decent photo.”

For workshop bookings visitwww.weshootstuff苏州夜网.auor Ballarat Light Painters on Facebook.

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