Free Fluffy: Baby great white shark to be released into ocean

Early this afternoon, a juvenile shark got itself in trouble, managaing to get washed up into the rocks along Manly beach. Staff from Manly SEA LIFE Sanctuary eventually trasnported the shark to a nearby rock pool along Fairy Bower. The shark seemed to be ill and as of 2pm, staff were still unsure of what species the shark was. Photographed Monday 11th September 2017. Photograph by James Brickwood. SMH NEWS 170911 The baby great white shark found washed up on a Sydney beach has undergone a health assessment and is likely to be released into the ocean on Tuesday.

The 1.5-metre shark, nicknamed “Fluffy”, was spotted flailing in the surf at Shelly Beach near Manly about midday on Monday.

Attempts to drag the injured shark back into the sea failed, so rescuers moved it to a stretcher and transferred it the Fairy Bower ocean pool, where it attracted a crowd of onlookers.

The shark, which appears to have injuries to its mouth and tail, was later put in a truck and taken to Manly Sea Life Sanctuary, where it was transferred to an isolation tank and assessed overnight.

The sanctuary’s senior aquarist Robbie McCracken said the shark had made a dramatic recovery and was expected to be released into the ocean once it has approval from NSW Fisheries.

“He has had a chance to rest and recoup and hopefully we will be able to release him a bit later today,” he told Nine News.

“This animal is better suited to recovery out in its environment.”

It is not known how the juvenile shark ended up beaching itself at Shelly Beach, which is adjacent to the Cabbage Tree Bay Aquatic Reserve.

Mr McCracken said it was “extremely rare” for a shark to end up on the beach.

“We are hoping that it sort of mistakenly found its way into an area it didn’t intend to be and got a bit tired and exhausted and then stressed with the waves and all the people around it.

“Hopefully when we let it back out quite a way offshore in much deeper water it will be able to recover.

“These great white sharks usually are animals that would tend to be offshore a bit, out in the deeper more unrestricted waters.

“This one for whatever reason found its way up into the beaches of Manly and then into the surf zone where it came into a bit of grief. That is where we were able to step in and sort of intervene.” #shark in the #bower pool #manlypic.twitter成都夜网/DIH8ylWMlz??? jomorgan (@hijomorgan) September 11, 2017Beachgoers in Manly were given a shock, with the dramatic rescue of a “washed up” great white shark. @Gabrielle_Boyle is LIVE #9Newspic.twitter成都夜网/m2wQCcDh1L??? Nine News Sydney (@9NewsSyd) September 11, 2017

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