Ex-Liberal mayor to face court on assault matter following election win

A controversial former Liberal Mayor and winning candidate in the weekend’s council elections will be in court in November over an alleged assault that occurred two days before the poll.

Con Hindi, a 55-year-old property developer and former mayor of Hurstville, will now face court just weeks after being sworn into the new Georges River Council, following an incident last Thursday afternoon at a pre-poll station.

It is not known who the other party involved was, but he is understood to have been a campaign worker for another party, who later received medical treatment.

When asked to confirm reports Mr Hindi had been involved in the altercation, a spokeswoman for the NSW Police said a 55-year-old man had been issued with a court attendance notice for assault following an incident at a polling station at Hurstville.

“At about 12:50 pm on Thursday September 7th an argument developed at a polling station [where] a 58-year-old man was treated for a hand injury,” the spokeswoman said.

Mr Hindi is projected to have been elected to the newly merged Georges River Council, in the Mortdale ward, on Saturday.

But he will now appear in Sutherland Court just weeks after taking office.

The Liberal party has declined to comment as it is a police matter and Mr Hindi did not immediately return a call on Monday.

It was Mr Hindi’s second altercation of the campaign.

Earlier in the campaign Sandy Grekas, another independent candidate claimed that Mr Hindi said to her: “Nice poster, couldn’t you fix your face up?”

When contacted by Fairfax Media in response to those allegations Mr Hindi said:

“I deny making remarks as alleged, and it’s disappointing to see […] such an exaggerated claim,” he said. “Derogatory remarks were made against me by Sandy.

“I responded with a comment about the photograph on the corflute being not properly taken. Sandy then apologised to me for the derogatory remark, and I apologised for the comment about the corflute. We shook hands and went our separate ways.”

But Ms Grekas has contacted Fairfax Media to contradict Mr Hindi’s account and to deny ever apologising to him.

“I never apologised for anything because at no time did I do anything to warrant an apology,” she said.

Last year, Fairfax Media revealed Mr Hindi repeatedly failed to comply with orders from his own council staff to remediate his asbestos-contaminated development site in Crump Street, Mortdale.

In a highly charged council meeting that followed, Mr Hindi, the then mayor, used his casting vote to suspend the council’s then general manager who was about to brief the council on possible fines or prosecution of Cr Hindi over works at the Crump Street site.

Mr Hindi was subsequently suspended for two months from the council, which he successfully appealed to the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

Mr Hindi is expected to appear in Sutherland Local Court on November 7.

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