Even Judi Dench has jumped on the fidget spinner trend

Judi Dench, and Ali Fazal pose during a photo call for the film Victoria And Abdul at the 74th Venice Film Festival in Venice, Italy. Photo: Domenico StinellisJust as the fidget spinner seemed to be fizzling out, Dame Judi Dench has jumped on the trend.
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While at the Toronto International Film Festival to promote her latest film Victoria and Abdul, in which she plays Queen Victoria, Dench was questioned byUSA Todayabout her hobbies. The 82-year-old actor attempted to steer the conversation towards her desire to constantly expand her vocabulary by learning a new work each day, but was soon interrupted by co-star Ali Fazal who outed Dench as an avid fidget spinner fan.

“She owns a fidget spinner. Judi Dench owns a fidget spinner! It’s the coolest damn thing,” Fazal said.

Though hesitant at first, Dench proved to USA Today’s Andrea Mandell that she’s still keeping up with contemporaries by pulling out her tiny spinner from her eye-glass case and taking it for a spin on camera.

Dench’s press tour for the movie continues to prove that you really are only as young as you let yourself feel.

Just last week Dench’s admissions on still liking intimacy and sex were met with a barrage of headlines around the world. The actor also displayed her discontent about being probed about her retirement plans by BBCBroadcaster John Humphrys for the Radio 4, Best of Today Podcast.

“When are you going to retire?” Humphrys asked, before swiftly adding, “Let me rephrase it, are you???I knew that would be the reaction.”

Dench clapped back saying, “How dare you! What is that word? What is that word retire? Well hopefully not, I don’t know.”

After Humphrys questioned if retirement was ever on the cards, Dench explained, “I hope to do another film before the end of the year and I hope to do another one next year too.”

“And I just hope you know, hope that I’m going to be employed. I just always hope I’m going to be employed.”

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