Accused murderer denies being angry at husband’s sex tape message

The text message from Qian Liu’s husband said: “Send our video of us making love for him to look at so that he will give up.”
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Han Lim Chin was suggesting Ms Liu send their sex tape to her personal trainer, with whom he suspected she was having an affair.

But Ms Liu said that message, which she read late in the evening on January 3, 2016, did not make her angry.

“I just found this laughable,” Ms Liu told the NSW Supreme Court on Tuesday, through an interpreter.

“I found him very childish.”

Ms Liu is facing trial for the alleged murder of Mr Chin, 39, who died days after she inflicted a knife wound to his chest during an argument in the couple’s Riverwood granny flat that night.

The Crown alleges Ms Liu was mad when she stabbed her husband, amid tension over his gambling debts and suspicions she was sleeping with her trainer.

The 35-year-old restaurateur has pleaded not guilty, saying she accidentally wounded her husband after grabbing the knife from him and trying to escape his bedroom.

Under cross-examination from Crown prosecutor Brad Hughes, SC, Ms Liu previously agreed she asked Mr Chin about divorce in a series of eight text messages earlier that day.

One message began: “If you want to find excuses or explanations to break up, we can have a good start and a good ending.”

She also agreed that her mother put down a $90,000 cash deposit on a house in Ms Liu’s name, but she did not consult Mr Chin.

Ms Liu did not agree she felt angry or annoyed at her husband as he went in and out of her bedroom during the argument.

“I put it to you you deliberately hit him with the knife?” Mr Hughes asked.

“Not deliberate,” Ms Liu replied.

Ms Liu has told the jury she didn’t realise her husband was hurt until he said so, and she saw blood on the knife.

She said she believed a protective cover was on the blade the entire time.

Ms Liu said when her husband collapsed she ran to the main house, where her extended family lived, and asked a cousin to call an ambulance.

“Why didn’t you call an ambulance,” Mr Hughes asked.

“I was really shocked.”

“Why didn’t you call?”

“Because I couldn’t even speak English properly. I knew the ambulance would ask me a lot of questions and I wouldn’t be able to answer them all.”

Ms Liu agreed with Mr Hughes that she told police “I do this”, but said she did so to “save” her husband.

“I put it to you you full well knew how he was injured because you deliberately injured him. Correct?”

“That’s what you thought.”

The trial continues.

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